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Home Technical Support DSL Modem Configuration 2Wire 2700HG-D Wireless Configuration

2Wire 2700HG-D Wireless Configuration

These configuration instructions will guide you through configuring your 2Wire Modem to wirelessly connect your laptop to the internet. You must set up the 2Wire modem before entering any information sent by our DSL department into your computer. This walkthrough assumes that your computer's network configurations are already set to use automatic and DHCP connections. If you need help with this setup, please do not hesitate to Contact our Tech Support gurus!

  1. Before you can set your 2Wire up to wirelessly route, it first needs to be configured in Routed Bridged Mode. Click Here for a walkthrough on how to set that up.
  2. Your computer should be configured to obtain an IP address automatically from the 2Wire modem. If you are using a Macintosh, select to Configure Using: DHCP Server. Additionally, even though your ultimate goal is to use your computer wirelessly, we need to be connected to the modem via ethernet in order to complete this initial setup walkthrough.
  3. Open your Web Browser software (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc) and type the following into the address bar at the top: This should take you to the "Network at a Glance" page, which should appear similar to the following:2wire wireless configuration screenshot
  4. On this page, click on the "Home Network" icon at the top of the screen, and you should be taken to the "View Network Summary" page, which should resemble the following:2wire wireless configuration screenshot
  5. On the right side of this page, you should see the "Home Network" box, with a few buttons inside. Underneath "Local Interfaces" you should see "Wirless" and a button to the right. By default, the 2Wire modem is shipped to you with the wireless network already enabled. If this button says "ENABLE" then click it and enable the wireless network. If it says "DISABLE" then leave it alone, as that means the wireless network is already enabled.
  6. Click on the "Edit Settings" button underneath the Wireless Settings. This will take you to the "Configure the Wireless Network" page, which should resemble the following:2wire wireless configuration screenshot
  7. In the space next to "Network Name", delete whatever is typed there and type a name of your choosing to represent your home wireless network. This can be whatever you want it to be, such as "MyNetwork" or "CircusLand" or even "ElvisLives".
  8. Make sure the "Enable" check boxes next to "SSID Broadcast" and "Wireless Security" are enabled.
  9. Wireless Security Encryption. The 2Wire automatically arrives with the Default encryption key set. If you want to use the default encryption key, the picture on the right side of this configuration menu shows you how to find your modem's specific key on the bottom of your 2Wire. If you want to specify your own encryption key, This Online Key Generator can help you generate a specific or random 64-bit key. Either way, write down the 10-digit key and do not lose it!
  10. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen, and if all goes well, the 2Wire will save your settings and your wireless network will now be ready to go! Of course, now you need to make sure your computer can detect the network. The rest of this walkthrough uses Windows XP Professional as a guide on how to detect and connect to the 2Wire wireless network.
  11. Look in the lower-right corner of your computer screen, at the icons around your clock (this area is often referred to as your "systray"). If your computer has a wireless adapter inside it, you should see an icon that resembles the following (where the arrows are pointing):2wire wireless configuration screenshot
  12. This icon may or may not have a red "X" over it. Right-click on this icon, and select "View Available Wireless Networks" which should take you to a screen similar to the following:2wire wireless configuration screenshot
  13. In this screen, you may see multiple available networks, as shown above, especially if your neighbors have wireless networks of their own. Double-click on the network in the list that has the name you specified above in the wireless setup of the 2Wire. It should soon prompt you to enter either a password or a network key. Enter the 10-digit network key you wrote down earlier, and if it asks, enter it in a second time. If all goes well, the password screen will vanish, and in the networks screen you you see that you are now connected.
  14. All that is left for you now is to close this screen, open your internet applications of choice, and enjoy your surfing! As always, if you have any problems with this, Contact our Tech Support gurus!